Battlefield V: Is It Fun? The TTK and Health Problem

Battlefield V è divertente?

Riportiamo il post integrale in inglese che abbiamo pubblicato su Reddit e sul forum ufficiale di Battlefield nel tentativo di portare alla giusta attenzione quello che è il nostro pensiero nei confronti di uno degli aspetti più controversi di Battlefield V. Il post prende spunto da un video del noto Youtuber TheBrokenMachine che, in modo onesto, ritorna sui suoi passi in merito alla questione del TTK e aggiunge anche altre interessanti riflessioni.

Battlefield V presenta degli aspetti interessanti ma ci sono dei problemi di progetto del gameplay che rappresentano dei grossi rischi e i fatti ne sono la prova. Seguiranno a questo articolo altre riflessioni su cosa non sta funzionando, saranno critiche costruttive che prendono spunto anche dalle opinioni della community italiana che Battlefield Italia Net segue e rappresenta. Come redazione abbiamo atteso molto prima di scrivere delle recensioni proprio per poter capire meglio il gioco e valutarlo dopo le prime patch. Stay tuned…

“There is just too much risk in moving around in this game, it becomes incredibly unbalanced”
Quoting TheBrokenMachine in his video is the best way to synthesize the problem we still have in BFV.
“when they changed it i didnt like it, looking back….personally I think a slightly higher TTK…could actually improve the game “
He is honestly admitting that he is changing his mind with regard the TTK question.
Ok Ok I know what are you thinking about now: “oh my god the TTK issue again!”.
We all know the mess it come out when DICE changed the TTK but i think the problem is still open: in this game playing aggressive is not rewarding and too risky. I’m a veteran BF player, I play it since BF2 in 2005 and I totally agree with TheBrokenMachine. This situation creates frustration in players and promote the use of lame weapons and bad passive-defensive behaviours enhancing stalemates.
We have to be honest and rational: looking back, something big happened in DICE team when first they decided to slightly higher the TTK and to create a dedicated hardcore mode (the correct solution) and then suddenly the decision was drawn back (the wrong solution). Some youtubers in that moment overreacted (Westie and others) and I saw some sort of “blackmailing” that sounded like “hey give us back the old TTK or we don’t support this anymore”. This added more pressure and emotionality in a crucial moment and the decision makers were not helped.
I’m also sure that the loudest voice is not the majority voice: many players have the same opinion as TheBrokenMachine or others veterans like me. And many of them simply quitted the game silently.
Yes, we all know that bugs, new contents, visibility and so on are really important points, but I firmly believe that the first plan (a part of) DICE team tried to do was the correct first step (slightly higher TTK and pull back an hardcore mode).
That’s just my two cents.
Just watch the video because TheBrokenMachine argues in details his claims.

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